Welcome to Green Wood Milling Company

Green Wood Milling is a San Antonio sawmill offering a new approach to providing wood products to our customers. We are industry pioneers in salvaging natural materials that would otherwise be discarded. We find good use for trees that would end up as wood chips in landfills. Instead of wasting these timeless beauties, Green Wood Milling repurposes the wood into beams, boards, fireplace mantles, rustic, custom furniture and other useful wood products. We are also a favorite destination for hobbyists seeking unique stock for wood sculpting, carving, log furniture or do-it-yourself construction projects. Our mission is to produce unique products from salvaged materials for a wide verity of clientele.

Logs to Lumber, We Make Good Use of Great Trees

Urban Saw Mill Owner

Attie Jonker

Owner, Designer, Artist & Builder of All Things Natural