Sutherland Welles stains can be mixed to form a variety of colors or successive layers of different stains help create an antiqued effect.  When the stain is applied and allowed to cure on the surface it forms a protective layer in addition to providing color. Other leading brands offer only color as the stain is applied and must be wiped.

The swatch above demonstrates the different levels of saturation that can be achieved with our stain. If you think of these two circles as end points on a line from darkest to lightest, you can choose the degree of saturation you want for your projects. This is another significant advantage of working with Sutherland Welles Concentrated Stains, they can be mixed with one of our clear Sealers to adjust the level of saturation. Sometimes you need a hint of color and other times  you need  bold saturation, our stain line delivers you to that sweet spot easily.

Walnut is a rich chocolate brown that offers a hint of red to add warmth to a brown. It’s a perfect choice on a variety of wood species to create a Walnut presentation. It’s also perfect on Walnut species which has a lot of sap wood or lighter color tones to create a more robust rich brown tone to an entire piece.

Product Stats

Solid: Polymerized Tung Oil & Aniline dye
Solvent: Refined Mineral Spirits
Average Finish Longevity: Varies
Spot Repairable: No
Sheen: Depends on Concentration 
Coverage: (per gallon) 
Coat 1= 600sqf 
Coat 2= 800sqf 
Coat 3= 1,000sqf 
Coat 4= 1,000sqf
Dry Time: 12-24 hours per coat. 


wood species

applications method

weather conditions 55-75ºF

temperature change during curing process

humidity 65% or less

Old world wood stain - Black Walnut