Tree Trunk Pick Up

The removal of urban or non-urban tree trunks is at a cost of $95 per hour. The average time for a pick up is 2.5 hours. The trunks must be fallen and ready for pick up. We will work with you and your tree service to ensure the best value for your money.

Delivery/pick up services are $3.5 per mile plus $95 per hour onsite.


Sawmill services start at $95 per hour. We mill logs to lumber as well as lumber to lumber to any size or specifications. Our band sawmill can mill up to 24 inch diameter by 20 foot long logs. Additional charges may occur if foreign objects such as bolts, nails, concrete and rocks are present in the wood.


We can also process larger logs, so please call for more information! Minimum of 1 hour charge per order. We also offer chainsaw milling for trunks up to 60" in diameter. 

Machining & Manufacturing

Planing, edging, repairing, cleaning, sanding and custom furniture projects are charged at $95.00 per hour. If a larger crew is required for a project, an additional cost of $25 per hour is added per crew member (the cost of supplies is not included).


We will always provide a free upfront estimate for your scope of work, so please don't hesitate to call or submit a form below for an estimate! 

Lumber Distressing

Starts at $5 per linear foot (no minimum orders required). Lumber sizes exceeding 16 inches or larger is subject to a custom estimate.  

Kiln Drying

We offer conventional kiln drying. If you are new to kiln drying we use heat, forced air and de-humidification to extract moisture from the wood. Depending on the volume, desired moisture content, current moisture content, and the type of wood, it can take 4 to 12 weeks per charge. There are many variables in this process and we do our best to control the conditions.


Our kiln is able to handle charges of up to 1600 BF (board feet). Curious about how to calculate board feet? Call to ask about our favorite board feet calculator!

Lumber Sales

We offer a variety of urban woods as well as reclaimed timbers and lumber. We sell finished lumber, live edge slabs, fireplace mantles, special order lumber such as large beams, antique beams, flooring, barn wood and custom moldings.

Common wood species in stock: pecan, ash, mesquite, live oak, juniper (mountain cedar) cypress, walnut, cedar posts and box car boards. 

Custom Metal Fabrication

We offer custom metal fabrication for table bases, chairs & stools, door & gate accessories -- even home decor items.


Available finishes include: polished metal, wrought iron & black smith works, powder coating, chroming and plating.   

Specialty Millwork 

S4S, Custom T&G flooring, CNC machining and Laser engraving

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, check and cash. Texas Sales Tax will be charged on the total amount due for any project.

* Project estimates are free and a deposit of 50% of the total value is required upfront.

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covid 19 update: our showroom is open! Please call for more information